Privacy Policy

City Line Bar and Grill Privacy Policy:

Here, at City Line Bar and Grill, we value and respect your privacy. We encourage all patrons to relax and enjoy time spent at our establishment and that’s why any information we collect about you through forms filled out on our website and information accessed when using our free Wifi will never be sold or used wrongfully. Below, you will find more information about what information or images about/ of you could be used on our digital assets (Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube).

Please be advised that when we have major events and parties we have a professional photographer come and take photos. Many of these images will be found on one or many of our digital assets. Should you ever want an image to be removed, please feel free to contact us, we are not in the business of holding any unwanted imagery hostage on the Internet for everyone to see. Additionally, other members of our team (employees, our third party marketing agency, management) might also take photos at these events to be used solely on and for our digital assets.

Lastly, we collect information about you through forms filled out on our website and ones in-house so that we can contact you in the future about upcoming events, specials and any potential restaurant updates. Should you not want to receive such information, you can simply opt out at any time. As always, please feel free to contact us anytime should you have any questions about our Privacy Policy. Thank you for your business.